What a Web(site) we weave

So if you’re reading this then chances are you’ve landed on the Alchemystics spiffy new home on the interwebs. First off thanks to Shannon Mauro for puttin in a bunch of hard work to get this site revamped. In this era of social networking, Tubes and micro blogs it’s easy to get lost in all of the excitement unfolding every second online. We’re hoping to make this website the launching point for all things Alchemystics this year. You’ll still be able to find us on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, etc, but all trails lead to and from right here.

With that being said, we encourage you to go play around. Click on some buttons and take her for a spin and then let us know what you think?

What’s your favorite section? What would you like to see more of? Is there anything you think we should change or add? This site is for us all to enjoy so let yourself be heard!!

Much love-

The Alchemystics

(in case you were wondering I’m personally fond of the photos section in the media tab. It’s like taking a walk through Alchemystics history.I mean those pics from Halloween in ’06 are priceless- Force)

That New New

Thank you.
If I were a man of fewer words I would leave it at that but that wouldn’t be very Forceful would it?

I just had to take a moment to share my love for the multitude of wonderful folks whose lives have intertwined with mine over the last few years. Seeing so many familiar faces at Pearl St this New Year’s Eve was quite an experience and it reminded me how lucky I am to be able to start the new year surrounded by supportive people.
I remember the holiday seasons took on a whole different meaning for me waaaay back in the day when I was working as a waiter.  Back then I had to work a bunch of holiday parties and eventually a big New year’s day brunch (always a blast after a New Year’s Eve of revelry) which, while lucrative, wasn’t all that festive . My “family” during those holiday times were all of my fellow co-workers and whoever was working at the only bar open once I got out of work (Packards in those days. Although I missed my family back in the Dc area immensely, I grew to really appreciate the new familial structures I was forming.

Nowadays my extended “family” for the holidays has grown to cover a wide range of people I’ve met over the last few years playing with the Alchemystics, Problemaddicts etc. I’m still working the holidays and rocking out but one of the big differences is that I really look forward to the chance to hang with friends and folks who aren’t around any other time of the year. Sure I live for the festival season and all the fun that that brings but there is something to be said about ending the year doing something you absolutely love with people you truly adore. My only regret about the night is that it went by way too quickly and I didn’t get a chance to spend as much quality time with everyone as I wanted. I hope everyone out there enjoyed their New Year’s Eve as much as I did. Enjoy 2013 and don’t forget, The Alchemystics would definitely love to hear how your celebrations went, so drop us a line and say howdy. Pictures, videos, commentary …..shoot it our way, we love it all.


the one and only,



p.s. I know I promised zombies but hey I was feelin the love. Oh and in case you weren’t able to join us on New Year’s Eve here is a link to the download the recording of the live set that Demse took. Enjoy!!


First new blog in forever.

Hmm I’m sure I could say something about ending the year with some solid shows, or the spectacular season we had playing festivals and hanging out with tons of awesome folks, or maybe something about all of the dope new music The Alchemystics have been recording, but honestly you can get all that from Facebook posts, email updates, or whatever newfangled social networking tool is trendy nowadays.

This here is about heart. Here is where you will get to know and love your Alchemystics even more. I like to think of this as the spot where you’ll get a look behind the scenes of all things Alchemystical. Words, pictures, song snippets and more shall be yours and
seeing as I’ve got this love affair with words I’ll prolly be your captain on this ship for a bit but expect a couple visits from the rest of the crew here and there. Everything is fair game round these parts so buckle up, get in touch, ask questions ,interact, and enjoy the ride-

Welcome to the future
The one and only,

Next time
“Zombies, and why we cant get enough of them.”

Alchemystics and Ziontific holiday sale and NYE!

Well the holidays are officially upon us and what better way to celebrate this than with music. We here at Camp Alchemystics sure do love tunes and we’ve just joined the wonderful world of Bandcamp. To honor this momentous occasion we’re having a sale on the entire Alchemystics catalogue. That’s right, the entire Alchemystics collection is finally available in one place (for super low prices!). Click on the link, take a walk through the ages and see how we’ve evolved.

If live music is your thing we’ve got the heads up on an awesome sale happening this weekend. For a limited time you can buy weekend tickets to Ziontific Music Festival 2013 (June 21-24) for only $50!! The Alchemystics have had a blast at the past Ziontific festivals and we are proud to be a featured act on next year’s lineup. Ziontific is a beautiful, family friendly musical experience so do yourself a favor and take advantage of this great deal. For more details head over to ZiontificProductions.com

Don’t forget we have a few shows left to close out the year.
Dec 7thToad’s Place - New Haven, CT- FREE for 21+ show alongside Cosmic Dust Bunnies and Lucid
Dec 29thMain Pub- Manchester, CT-  One more hurrah in Manchester CT

and finally
Dec 31stPearl St Ballroom-Northampton, MA- Who’da funk it, the Alchemystics and Zach Deputy end 2013 with a bang! Yup that’s right  The Alchemystics and Zach Deputy combine forces in what must be some festival kid’s dream. This is going to be a big blowout so remember to get advance tickets from the band or head over to iheg.com to scoop them.

Hope everyone is doing well and stay tuned for more news soon-

Take care
the one and only,