First new blog in forever.

Hmm I’m sure I could say something about ending the year with some solid shows, or the spectacular season we had playing festivals and hanging out with tons of awesome folks, or maybe something about all of the dope new music The Alchemystics have been recording, but honestly you can get all that from Facebook posts, email updates, or whatever newfangled social networking tool is trendy nowadays.

This here is about heart. Here is where you will get to know and love your Alchemystics even more. I like to think of this as the spot where you’ll get a look behind the scenes of all things Alchemystical. Words, pictures, song snippets and more shall be yours and
seeing as I’ve got this love affair with words I’ll prolly be your captain on this ship for a bit but expect a couple visits from the rest of the crew here and there. Everything is fair game round these parts so buckle up, get in touch, ask questions ,interact, and enjoy the ride-

Welcome to the future
The one and only,

Next time
“Zombies, and why we cant get enough of them.”

One thought on “First new blog in forever.

  1. You guys are the best, as a disabled veteran who was told by his doctor to exercise more, I found your music the most inspiring for my work-outs, may 2013 will mark one year and so far I’ve been able to lower my blood-pressure, lost 10 lbs, feeling my positive on life, and catch me self “Letting my body grove” to the music every time I hear it, not to mention whe my friend and I went cross-country last June we rocked you guys in Wisconsin,Colorado,Nevada,California,New Mexico,Arkansas, Mississippi,Florida and all the way back to Massachusetts…can’t say enough how you guys have helped save my life from turmoil,drama and poor health….I love you guys !

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