Type A Prayer

    Intro – (Ian I)

    Been seeing this vision so long
    This song is a prayer so strong.
    When you feel it inside you know it’s true
    So we’re singing this thing to you

    Chorus – (Ian I)

    Coming with a new type a prayer
    Coming with a brand new thing to do
    Coming with a new song to sing
    And we’re singing this thing to you

    Coming with a new type a prayer
    Coming with a brand new thing to do
    Coming with a new vibe to bring
    And we’re bringing this thing to you

    Chorus B – (Ras Jahn)

    We’ve got keep free the Vibe
    That’s the thing that keeps us alive
    Helps us to stay real inside
    We’ve got nothing to hide

    Always stay where the peace will abide
    The most positive thing I ever could have tried
    Helps us to stay real inside
    We’ve got nothing to hide

    Chorus – (Ian I)

    Coming with a new type a prayer
    Coming with a brand new thing to do
    Coming with a new song to sing
    And we’re singing this thing to you

    Coming with a new type a prayer
    Coming with a brand new thing to do
    Coming with a new vibe to bring
    And we’re bringing this thing to you

    Verse 1 – (Force)

    This Represents pain, hunger, struggle, passion
    The depths that I’ll go for these goals you can’t fathom
    The pattern I’m in with a pad and a pen
    Like I’m battling vice no advice I can give
    In this life except live. Invested
    And this testament here is a gift for the kids.
    If chivalry’s dead then the sword from the stone
    That I pull for the throne’s for the nights [knights] all alone
    I write what I know and I hope it swings low
    When the chariot comes forth to carry me home
    And all I ask is the past hassles and traps don’t last
    Look back and laugh after the fact
    And master the craft shaft in Africa paragraphs
    Capture the masses and give back
    And that’s all my supplications
    Patience only goes so far leave the rest up to faith then.

    Chorus 2 – (Ras Jahn)

    We’ve got keep free the Vibe
    That’s the thing that keeps us alive
    Helps us to stay real inside
    We’ve got nothing to hide

    Always stay where the peace will abide
    The most positive thing I ever could have tried
    Helps us to stay real inside
    We’ve got nothing to hide

    Verse – (Ian I )

    The vibe Jah giving got me moving,
    Come on in and dig on this loving
    It’s really really true when you type a prayer too
    Experience the bliss that comes from you.
    Coming from the top like a crown chakra dot
    Illuminate the soul let the music hit the spot
    From you are whole with a momentary stop
    Of suffering, buffering truth through the roots-hop.
    Takes a while before it comes visible
    It’s the spiritual moving through the physical
    Motions, oceans washed so many away
    If I’m singing I give thanks and praise; Yeah!
    I man a ride with it and a glide with it so long
    Woman a roll with it and her soul with it so strong
    The way I sing with it and a bring with it soul vibes
    The way we rock with it shock with it hot with it so I

    Chorus (Ian I)

    Coming with a new type a prayer
    Coming with a brand new thing to do
    Coming with a new song to sing
    And we’re singing this thing to you

    Coming with a new type a prayer
    Coming with a brand new thing to do
    Coming with a new vibe to bring
    And we’re bringing this thing to you

    Are you ready? (3x)

    Let Them Know

    We got to rise up and let them know
    That we won’t stop till a brighter day
    We are the survivors in these streets
    And we need peace we got to find a way

    Babylon gone down there
    And they can’t take our right to fight for change
    Babylon gone down there
    Man woman and child we’re all the same
    Babylon gone down there
    In time find your life’s the price you pay
    Babylon gone down there
    In exchange for a name fortune and fame
    1st Verse – Ian I
    I know that we can be one
    If we all can overstand
    That we are from just 1 creator
    And until then, there’ll be always war
    Gotta come to an end, corruption not gonna do it again
    Gotta come to an end, destruction not gonna do it again
    And them fuss and them fight and it never get them anywhere in life
    And you in the darkness? we’re chanting you into the light


    2nd Verse – Force
    Dear heavenly one all I ask is this
    before I leave this earth let me use my gift
    At least to give and this isn’t ego it’s
    just a wish I need to fulfill and if
    I could compile a list of all the things I did
    and wish I didn’t it wouldn’t be different
    Cause I wouldn’t be living the life that i am
    And wouldn’t be driven to be a better man
    So I’m dedicating this jam to all those
    who understand the need to seize a chance
    Circumstances change if you take a stand,
    but I can’t get my footing so I need a hand
    Not applause, more like the type you ball
    into a fist to resist all these senseless laws
    Can’t afford to pause so we’re moving forward
    Trying to forge a bond and connect like four.

    Outro – Ian I Now is the time for us to come together Forward ever we say backward never If we don’t unite this could be disaster We could lose everything we cherish now, forever ….

    Dance Upon The Corner

    There’s a dance upon the corner
    With no bad men in a the area no no
    There’s a dance upon the corner
    Enough sweet ladies in a the dancehall yo yo yo

    1st Verse – Ras Jahn
    Now is the time I and I a mention
    We come together with a positive intention
    The session have fe ram it have fe ram
    Like dance in a skate land

    There’s a dance upon the corner
    The work is done come enjoy the show
    There’s a dance upon the corner
    Drum and bass kick it here we go

    2nd Verse – Ras Jahn
    A positive effect will come to those who let it
    Rhythm holds the key hold on and never quit it
    The session have fe ram it have fe ram
    Like dance in a skate land

    There’s a dance upon the corner
    Enough women check for what them come for yeah
    There’s a dance upon the corner
    Enough rub-a-dub a gwan say yeah

    3rd Verse – Ras Jahn
    The women who love it come again and again
    The natty dread a mosh up the cushion pain
    The session have fe ram it have fe ram
    Like dance in a skate land

    4th Verse – Force
    So the scene is set then
    Don’t need advice but I got suggestions
    This is the night where you make connections
    So dance to the rhythm that is so infectious
    It gets in your soul. Truth be told,
    The show’s like Cloverfield on the road
    People are screaming and running to see them
    The reason’s the Alchemystics believe it
    Make your breathing stop.
    B-boys pop and lock bring out your cardboard box
    and we can’t be stopped but give it all you got
    We came to rock you know that’s the spot
    No questions yes it’s the freshest
    So clean it seems without effort
    No guest list so all y’all invited
    Get festive, enjoy your night and live

    Mosh Up

    (Chorus)- Ras Jahn
    Stylee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee, Stylee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee

    1st Verse- Force
    Work hard play harder live by that motto and mash on the throttle
    Full speed you best believe we invade your city with beats an preach peace
    So piece this together when I start to cross words
    A 5 letter noun for the sparking of herb
    If you got the answer I’m at concerts like the JB’s with slurs
    So just pass the piece, peace out with a dime piece please believe
    Speak my piece on beats till it floods the streets.
    More than meets the eye now honestly . . . right
    This is how it’s meant to be. each disc new hits consistently
    Simply put got a recipe Morimoto flow, Iron chef the beat
    Mosh up catch up this one’s for the masses establish a name
    Can’t think of an adjective apt to describe
    So why try just vibe out don’t doubt now endowed with a power
    to transform crowds till the chant so loud they damn near bounce out their trousers
    If I’m allowed to be frank let’s just say
    Ain’t nothing better better get this straight

    (Chorus)- Ras Jahn
    Stylee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee, Stylee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee

    We bring you music of the future and bring music from the past
    The last shall be the first and the first will be the last
    The world is full of trouble but that time is gonna past
    Tune in ‘pon the rhythm a great change is coming fast

    Stylee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee, Stylee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee

    2nd Verse – Ras Jahn
    Bondilly Bye Bye, Bondilly bye bye bye
    This is Alchemystics ‘pon the mike MC
    We chant a ton of lyrics. Ton of lyrics in a we
    Me chant enough lyrics every since I was three
    When it comes to sensimilla I smoke consistently

    Reggae music is the answer.
    Chant down babylon. No disaster!
    Reggae music is the answer.
    Chant down babylon. No disaster!

    For we DJ ‘pon this and we DJ ‘pon that
    We DJ ‘pon this and we DJ ‘pon that
    Number one sound in a this shock attack
    Alchemystics coming, gonna mosh a Dub attack
    Alchemystics coming, we play a Reggae sound
    Alchemystics coming to mosh it up and down yeah

    Stylee one and two yeah.
    Strictly Reggae just for you yeah.
    Stylee one and two yeah.
    Strictly Reggae just for you yeah.
    Remember y’all, Alchemystics set you free.
    Remember y’all, Alchemystics set you free.

    What We Need (Spread Hope)

    Chorus – Ras Jahn What we need is a new vibe
    inspiration, sweet sensation (2x)

    1st Verse – Force
    Spread hope like Obama
    The most charming spinners of yarns thus far
    Amidst nonsense offer the opposite cause
    It ain’t art unless your hearts involved
    And no offense our offense is of a your charts
    No defense for this intensive inventiveness from my squad
    A positive message indebted to Bob Marl
    With a li’ll bit of Marvin, Jay Biggie and Nas
    But sounds all ours we’re outta your Solar
    System with wits like Flight of the Conchords
    But it’s no joke, your hardly hard harlequins
    All in your linen and grinning about cars
    But let’s take a pause remember when rap was
    All about change and Flavor Flav was sane
    No half stepping with Kane and now you repping that cane
    Y’all Mr. Glass rappers are actually quite lame

    Chorus – Ras Jahn

    2nd Verse – Denroy Morgan
    There’s nothing new under the sun
    She’s been here since Jah work’s been done
    But man has changed the laws of time
    The will of Jah we have left behind
    Now we can come together
    In a way to make things better
    And begin to understand
    The weak must never fear the strong
    And need a better, much better, better inspiration
    Remove the clouds now Jah
    Help us to see things better
    With faith, hope, and charity
    Love will lift us higher

    Chorus – Ras Jahn

    3rd Verse – Ian I
    Respect when you come inna we zone
    Ian I have to phone home from the dome
    Burn the Kush; medicine from the bush
    I & I don’t deserve no officers’ push
    Spread hope ‘cuz I & I can’t cope
    The economics of the system is a joke
    So you know say- we nah praise no hoax
    The almighty one is the one to give us hope

    Pre Chorus – Ras Jahn
    From the bottom to the top to the very last drop
    Music come and the reggae nah stop
    If you cant feel it you need to come closer
    Band will take you like a roller coaster

    4th Verse – Catalyst
    Let me grab your attention for a minute
    To preach to the people about a little something different
    Catalyst you you know who’s
    Cuz your boys spread hope like a cure for cancer
    Ever since a young child I could match the stanzas
    That’ll help you in a bind like a cash advancement
    Yea I know times get drastic
    Last thing we need is rappers putting guys in caskets
    Should be evolution instead of the guns you shooting
    Start a revolution instead we all losing
    That’s why I do this for my people in the clutch
    With just enough change to hop a ride on the bus
    Another dollar ten for a fresh grape dutch
    And we don’t care much about what’s in your foam cup
    Inspiration and heart is the key
    That’s why I impart knowledge on all that I breathe

    5th verse – Force
    Ladies and gents can I get an encore
    Bring forth peace signs like I speak semaphore
    The flag tossed offstage offsides call
    From the ref yes destined to rep ‘till I’m gone
    I’m reptilian spit acid on bars
    In a brawl I’m Shang Tsung steal soul with my songs
    Perform homecomings like I talked to the lord
    And I’m sure that my pen is mightier than the sword
    So each stroke is heat stroke. east coast born
    We’re on tour now, your town has been warned.
    Formerly known as the band you ain’t know
    Now the flow has you throwing up in the front row
    Whoa . . . don’t front you know I gotcha open
    Enter the stage and own it. Had a Black Moon moment
    Lack no components opponents notice the focus
    Compose an opus devoted to giving you what you wanted.

    Chorus – Ras Jahn

    Summer Life

    Chorus – Ras Jahn
    In the morning when I rise
    Wipe the sleepy sleep from my eyes
    Step outside into the sun
    Check a newborn day has come

    1st Verse – Force
    The sum of summer summarized: sleep at sunrise
    Visine needed in the evenings when I finally rise
    Mostly mai tais, margaritas, hefeweisens
    So refreshing at festivals blowing hippies minds
    Wishing for warmer climes writing rhymes to the tides
    The flow is lunacy [lunar sea] control the waves on stage tonight
    Go on get lost in vice, city rockstar the price
    Paid fully dues done, moves made gracefully
    Aware fully no role model roll Phillies
    And kill kegs too cool, crew’s Fonzarelli.
    On your mark get ready on a daily grind
    To find a market and a target audience to spark a concert setting
    Till the cops are called to haul us in or turn the volume down
    Sorry officer I can’t be held responsible.
    I need a sponsor I’ve got a problem I’m an addict
    Like Cool C said, you know I’ve got a habit

    Chorus – Ras Jahn
    Later on in the afternoon
    I know my daughter’s coming home soon
    Togetherness is where I stay
    I need your love, each and every day

    2nd Verse – Ian I
    Let the sunshine down upon my face
    Let the breeze blow through this place when
    Summertime’s here I give thanks and praises
    Watch the girls them beautiful faces
    Let the sunshine down upon my face
    Let the breeze blow through this place when
    Summertime’s here I give thanks and praises
    Watch the woman them a roll so
    Just chill out drink a beer and smoke a blunt
    Herbsman here and you know i’m not frontin’
    You like the vibe, then come and get something just
    Blazing the fire in the summertime desire
    No time to retire have to feed my entire family
    Them looking at me so beautifully
    My son-shine daughter blossom like the tree
    Just chill out as the music sets your soul free

    Chorus – Ras Jahn
    In the evening the nightbirds sing
    I love to feel the dreams that they bring
    Special feeling, senses reeling
    We experience spiritual healing

    3rd Verse – Force
    You can find me late night with the mic device
    Crowd hype, nuff hands up fuzz thought a heist happened.
    Reaction when the track starts blasting.
    I’m traveling like Carmen San Diego cross the atlas
    I’m Cassius in a clash, classic rope a dope motion
    The wally that we rolling got me floating, flow potent
    So put me in coach on my post up and pivot
    This isn’t just a scrimmage coming for the championship
    Crews get livid when they see how we deliver
    Ain’t giving idle threats check on the statistics
    Can’t you see the distance between us and competition
    Suggesting they’re gonna catch us definitely science fiction
    Wake up and face facts can’t capture the clan
    Cash rules we let the ginger handle bread man
    These cats are Steadman trying to get that O cake
    On stage office space giving chicks the O face.

    Chorus – Ras Jahn
    In the morning when I rise
    Step outside into the sun
    Check a newborn day has come


    Chorus – Ras Jahn
    The people in the ghetto want more more
    Babylon system keep them poor poor
    Instead of bringing peace they still bring war
    The screaming of the sufferers they ignore

    1st verse – Force
    As I lie awake imagining the time it takes
    To find a way to stay ahead of bills fills my head with rage
    Noticing some grays. Skies ain’t the only thing falling
    The job markets gone thru the toilet
    And call it like I see it all this Fox TV’s deceiving them
    Even when the truth is told who knows when to believe in it.
    The reason that deviancy is linked to the streets
    is we’re given the least but make the most
    This approach is what the ghettos are known to teach.


    2nd verse – Ian I
    You try to bring me down but you just cannot touch this
    Morally strong yet you try and you still miss
    The only left for you to dis is marijuana
    We’re lawful with everything else ‘cuz we’re the rasta
    Try to separate we with your race, color, or creed
    The only reason they separate is for their own greed
    Get off your high horse so you can really see
    What all the people that are below you be
    Jah say that how the least of them you treat is [how you treat] he
    So I know that we are all from the same Tree!
    If you wanna live it yo you can live it right
    Don’t have to depend on no religion for your own sight

    Bridge – Ras Jahn

    3rd verse – Force
    Heard that you wanted mas [spanish for more], ras said it so I set it last
    Working class reality is actually why I fill my flask
    Lost in the liquor I write the elixir of life and spill it on mics
    The price we pay for each crusade, some would say our sanity
    Emancipation granted me the last thing that I feel is free
    Commander in chief is making believe
    We’re planting the seeds for democracy
    Every vote we make feel like the forefathers are mocking me
    No four fifths with a full clip what I get when I try to stop this hypocrisy
    So follow me, calling it armed robbery logically would be next step
    Look at my check and see it’s invested in what? Homeland defense?
    Picture me picketing holding a sign standing in line
    Ready to fight for my rights with my life on the line.

    Chorus 2x

    Be The Change

    Intro – Kurt Allen
    It’s all about changes, it’s all about changes
    How life rearranges, how life rearranges

    1st verse – Kurt Allen
    I’ve met many people and made many friends
    The kind that is real, the kind that pretends
    But I’ve never met someone who didn’t want to see
    A little change in the world
    I’ve been many places, seen many faces
    Mixed with all races, dealt with all cases
    But I’ve never met someone who didn’t want to see
    A little change in the world

    Pre Chorus – Kurt Allen
    Everybody wants to see a change in everybody else
    Nobody wants to see that change begins with themselves

    Chorus – Kurt Allen
    We all want to change the world
    But we don’t want to make changes
    We all want to change the world
    But we don’t like rearranging

    2nd verse – Force
    They say the pot calls the kettle
    Who can settle for this current currency condition
    Transition comes with ambition
    And if you can’t take a stance plus plan
    on abandoning ship before it sails in itself is a loss
    Often the thought crosses my mind
    If we all could combine, outline a design to refine
    Finally you’ll find humankind could improve
    starting with you, the movement’s inside
    Allusions aside all the rules are devised to divide
    Conquer your fears realize
    In the eyes of the Almighty all of us bound tightly
    Bound to be better after metamorphosis right

    3rd Verse – Kurt Allen
    I don’t mean to pretend, neither to chide
    And I do not intend to insult your pride
    Live your life in love and you’re gonna see
    A little change in the world
    Bless up the blamers, the call namers
    The defamers, they’re all the same as
    Baptize them in love and you’re gonna see
    A little change in the world



    4th Verse – Ian I
    Change what? I wanna change your policies
    Change what? I wanna speak more openly
    About what? to be the change I want to see
    I wanna see a life living more honestly
    So say what am I doing you can ask yourself
    Because so much people never really face themselves
    About what? you’re living up your life for wealth,
    You set aside your health for things upon the shelf
    I’ve seen too many people bringing life to shame
    And I’m looking at myself to see if I’m to blame
    I’m just doing my part don’t wanna cause no pain
    Got an answer for the riddle playing with my brain



    Leaving Babylon

    Chorus – Ras Jahn
    We are old and we are young.
    We are weak and we are strong
    Leaving babylon alone
    Sufferation be no more
    Don’t envy the rich just help the poor
    Leaving Babylon alone
    And we will never run away.

    1st Verse – Force
    We are one nation under a groove
    Laying foundations for raising the youth
    Claiming kid tested and mother approved
    So in a Jif each disc giving lyrical jewels.
    Litmus test, question the strength of my views
    I rep the A Team now and I pity the fool
    City or rural, the world is much larger than you
    Who’s to say we ain’t the same until you step in my shoes.
    It’s a huge fit ain’t it? The aim is maintaining
    Till all the fam makes it or heart stops palpitating
    My artist inspiration is people that’s everyday an
    I’m Sly and my family’s on that herbal medication
    A stone throw away from the pain and frustration
    A daily confrontation you face with such patience
    A new administration of change is in place
    But it don’t make it easy to stay on these wages.

    Pre Chorus – Ras Jahn
    A new vibration across the nation
    A sweet sensation, new inspiration

    Chorus – Ras Jahn
    We are old and we are young.
    We are weak and we are strong
    Leaving Babylon alone
    Sufferation be no more
    Don’t envy the rich just help the poor
    Leaving babylon alone
    And we will never run away.

    2nd Verse – Force
    Sooner or later you’re elated the way I related
    Data stating nothing major to separate us
    The latest in a line of soothsayers, on stages
    It’s a shame how all the innovators never made paper
    It’s therapy to me emcee to modify behavior
    Today I say design a way to meet a random stranger
    Engage them in a conversation, inquire motivation
    Take the time to find there’s more than meets the minor observation
    I’ll Michael Bay the situation, direct transformations
    And Crystal Lake debates when facing discrimination
    My patience only goes so far so pardon me i’m anxious
    Cause part of me is sure that with some more communication
    We can break the mold and put a hold on degradation
    Shake the shackles off, get involved stop complacence
    To keep you people shaking is my camp’s concentration.
    Mistaken if you think you’ll stop the sound the music takes you.

    Pre Chorus – Ras Jahn
    The music takes you higher, fill you with desire
    I an I will inspire, leave the place on fire

    Chorus – Ras Jahn
    We are old and we are young.
    We are weak and we are strong
    Leaving babylon alone
    Sufferation be no more
    Don’t envy the rich just help the poor
    Leaving Bablyon alone
    And we will never run away.

    Outro – Ian I
    Inna Mount Zion
    We irie like the lion
    Hold your meditation
    On the almighty one
    This here musical sound vibration
    Is healing up the nation
    So hold your meditation
    ‘Cuz we’re leaving babylon


    1st verse – Ras John
    Won’t you come and fly away with me today?
    We will fly high away for a holiday
    Now is the right time
    For our dreams to meet, thankfully
    As we go on love is reborn
    Between you and me

    Some might call it fate
    That our moment came too late
    But as long as out hearts beat as one
    We will fly on a love that’s never done no, no, no,no

    2nd verse – Ian I
    Sugar baby when I think of your face
    It takes me to that special place
    When we’re living each day like a holiday
    Working together we’ll find a new way while
    Walking with your hand in the light of the moon
    Our candle burns bright in our sacred room
    I’m gonna take you there so baby please
    Trust your heart and come away with me
    Like a lion and a lamb so strong and gently
    My soul’s in love with your energy
    I’m gonna keep you in my heart ‘cuz your love is key
    Because when we are together it so completes me!



    A dedication to the fans
    the plans made blatant so the haters understand
    An elevator state of mind trying to climb fast
    but I’m feeling alienated a true outkast
    my crew is too crucial a conflict is nonsense
    the consummate craftsmen contrast the cacophonous
    current climate. MacGuyver of this rhyming
    anything you give him reinvented into promise.
    to call this the beginning merely minimizes the minutes
    turned to years spent, gear shift, can’t stop get the drift
    this disc a gift for you all without your support
    there would never be a Force. let it run it’s course
    all these mainstream thoughts
    can’t change how we fought to maintain through the storm
    And the weather is looking brighter now
    Northfire light shines right through the darkest clouds.
    shout out to my festival folks.
    Strange Creek, Wormtown where the name came to grow.
    and candy cane lane became our home away from home
    I was known to roam the scene killin any microphone.
    Collabos crazy, Mr Kipp paid me
    from manager to family with Carolyn and may we
    get back to the list could fill the liner notes up
    from O Dub to Roots of Creation I show love.
    A Change Up occurred, Phaze came first
    shouts to DPR ya know we are the 4 1 third’s
    homegrown Souljah (s) T I remember that
    now we got Matt king rounding out the home team.
    and it’s Mass All Day.
    from Ashley to premeow, Ann Dubz and Jakos
    make no mistake folks your name don’t appear
    doesn’t mean i didn’t meet ya just I got ya next feature
    but can’t forget Selena. Riche B the street teamer
    extraordinaire plus Kelly Richards what a pair.
    A picture perfect couple check the photo credits
    shouts to Kat Taylor made the band look photogenic.
    What up to my brethren, Spiritual Rez an
    the Band Fear Nuttin plus you know I’m Problemaddict.
    from green House bashes to down south traveling
    with GFE, Emergency Service yo what’s happening.
    You all feel like family especially round Tammany
    to Bobby and Anita, Tor, Renee and Jackie.
    This touring wouldn’t happen without a few ladies
    thanks Elizabeth and Kisha, Brittany, Stephanie, Amelia
    and last up is Kelly above and beyond
    getting her merch on, Spencer and Carson
    we’ve come along way but at the end of the day
    this is all for the youth bid adieu to the babes
    li’l Logan Jade and Ocea making waves
    Ajika and Samara, Jahian, Naomi and Iyana
    I wanna send it off with we love you all dearly
    ‘till we get top billing we will keep on building.
    Dream fulfilling and the lord willing
    there’s a lot more to come rise up if you feel me
    you feel me?

    Shine I

    Shine I girl we bring you music to make you feel right
    We have to keep it tight now
    Gotta keep it moving cause you know I need your love in my life
    We have to do it right now
    Never met a girl like you
    What am I supposed to do
    One thing I know that’s true (will you love me again?)
    This will put you in the mood
    We can break a couple rules
    Maybe have a drink or two
    Really can’t force it baby girl so now the choice is on you.

    1st Verse – Force
    I’m a little bit this & that, trying to see where your head is at
    Keep on giving reasons we’ll be leaving ‘fore your man gets back
    Why you wanna stay with him? We can get it on with the rest of my friends
    And the rest all depends on how interesting this conversation we in can get.
    “Little miss such and such” thought I didn’t notice but I love how you strut
    And it must have been luck cause this party wasn’t much till this girl showed up
    This is what I told her. “Excuse me, usually don’t do the things that I’m doing
    But you in the corner on a level that’s moving me.
    I know it’s rude but I’m foolishly smitten this is my third degree
    Hi my name is Force. Hopefully you done heard of me.
    If not I’m a hip hop junkie. The type in the front when the bass start thumping
    I know it ain’t my show but i gotta say something.
    If you can deal with then baby girl you’re coming.”


    2nd Verse – Force
    Now that we’re introduced let’s make a move to the back of the room
    This interlude that’s away from the crew is a way to renew my relations with you
    Here’s the truth in the mood for a muse and i find it amusing that you’re who I’m choosing
    No illusions I’m done with the ruse and you remember in school I was way into you
    And you dated some dudes who were majorly cruel
    And I hated to swoon or be played like a fool
    I was taking it cool to the day you were through
    And this right here’s like deja vu
    Who’d a knew that we’d meet twice
    And I’m still surprised cause I fantasized
    So many times bout you and I
    Can’t deny this here’s a sign

    Prechorus – Ras Jahn
    So keep on shining right
    Our love’s in Jah Jah sight
    No one can take your place
    Not in this house tonight


    Bridge – Ian I
    I remember the days when u were a question – will you love me again?
    Restless nights of pain and heart depression – but now I’m gonna love you again
    I went through the stress of your confusion – would you love me again?
    Now we’re strong baby girl in our love relation – and now I’m gonna love you again oh yeah


    3rd Verse – Force
    I know ma, your options are limited
    This right here’s for our mutual benefit
    Been convinced ever since I don’t need evidence
    Knew you were heaven sent when our eyes first met.
    It’s a perfect chance we can dip
    Got my hands on your hips and I’m losing my grip
    We can move to the whip maybe cruise for a bit
    Cause who’s gonna miss me and you this quick?
    Take a trip get a glimpse of the moonlight
    Assume cause I’m used to the limelight I’m not quiet
    I’m the type you ain’t met yet. Best bet
    Accept this invitation. hesitation dead that
    Back to the lab now after the show.
    Hope that you know that I mastered the flow
    Don’t be opposed if I ask you to go
    The only reason I even approached.


    Don't Leave

    Chorus – Ras Jahn
    Burdened down with sorrow
    Hold on till tomorrow
    Some feelings just can’t wait
    No time to hesitate
    Don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave, girl don’t leave

    1st Verse – Force
    In this midnight nation of ours chase stars
    In hopes to stay close to the light in the dark.
    Like I’m Lost, I found Others in time I saw
    Ya [yer] and I hate How we can’t communicate [Kate]
    Had Jack and never let it hold me back
    But the fact of the matter is this is disastrous
    Our passion is turning to crashing and burning
    Words ain’t working and that’s disconcerting
    The curtains sheer, so it seems so clear
    My home isn’t whole and you hold it there in your hands
    Had plans to renovate
    But it takes time to change and you can’t wait.
    Face to face with fate and uncertain stakes
    Can’t blow like Kurtis heard these are the breaks
    Lights, action, cameras captivate
    Still take my breath hostage, I saw your face in the crowd
    Now that we’re back here
    I’m backwards turned round background is
    My fears brought tears and I couldn’t reveal it
    Concealing your hearts so hard appearances deceive
    Believe me I know what I am.
    In demand constantly can’t calm it down
    Compound that with the fact I can’t relax
    Can’t grasp why you’d ever wanna deal with that
    In the back of my mind I’m wondering why try
    With my IQ knew it’s foolish to fantasize
    Too tied up with enough to set aside
    Like Erykah Ba I guess next life time is ours
    Play with the cards you’re dealt with
    Odds ain’t even and I’m seeming so selfish
    I scream don’t leave, don’t bounce don’t stroll
    I won’t take no. hold I can’t let it go.

    2nd Verse – Ian I
    Not really sure what to say, don’t really know what to do
    You re making me feel so many ways, not sure which one is you
    Caught up in a chain reaction, attraction with dissatisfaction
    I only got Jah strength to lean on, so if you wanna love me then you got to be strong
    A moment in time come to make the connection
    I never want experience like this to end on a controversy
    These things are hurting me
    Gotta peace out to an appease community
    I’m living by a mountain of love Jah Jah rumble through
    Has given me the strength to heal from the tumble you given me
    I didn’t want to really leave but I give thanks for my own livity


    Chorus – Ian I
    Come together
    Elements of the mind to make your time musically wise
    Elements of the soul to make you whole
    Turn your lead to gold
    Your heart to glow so powerful
    Make a dark heart glow

    1st Verse – Ian I
    When we coming in with prayer
    In confidence yo there’s no need to show off
    Changing your heart and mind from negativity
    I know it a go rub off
    It is in the mix of music that comes together
    That’s how we get greater
    And any style we bring with love, the soul
    I know it nah go sell off
    Ingredients that we put in our music
    Like Ital stew, thyme, coconut, turnip
    Blending up the spliff with the haze we burn it
    From the elder rasta to the hip-hop lover
    Classical bass and roots-hop singer
    Drum them a swing yes he’s the bricklayer
    Keyboards from space

    Chorus – Ian I

    2nd verse – Force
    Look past the flowery speech
    Here’s the essence of the message elementary themes
    Love, loss, and all in between don’t call it a dream
    More like a calling it seems
    The call and response at concerts commonly seen
    Ain’t just a scene more like a movement of freedom
    Food for the needy, healing for the body and soul
    Powers combine to shine for your eyes to behold
    Yo, tell em it’s a testament intelligent embellishments
    A tell tale sign we in our elements
    Can tell that we’re developing the evidence is prevalent
    Tell the world dead all comparisons
    We play to win, they placate the kids
    Contemplate a way to fill our plates so raise your fists
    If you feel like it’s time to stop settling
    Turn negative to positive. gotta let it settle in.

    2nd Chorus – Ras Jahn
    This is a little version now
    Sweet inspiration now
    Alchemystics now
    Come to show you how

    3rd verse – Force
    All alone in the lab mad scientist with pens and a pad
    Put final touches on productions, resurrecting a jam.
    The Doctor Frankenstein of rhymes, my assistant the band.
    Ego or heartache are supplied in demand.
    You must understand these elements combined at a glance
    Appear monstrous but harboring the soul of a man.
    So conscious, confidence is only a mask
    Stay haunted, horrifically novel impacts.
    Lightning flash, my life laid bare on the slab
    Spare parts of my thoughts carved to author a track.
    Sew back mismatched, lace the bass with my past
    And dig up graves of misbehaviors still unable to grasp.
    Such contrasting passions the heart of that
    Six souls, sick sixteens what i add
    With scraps of fabrications based on fact
    Syntax soaked in sin and innocence.
    Experiments in sensory reanimation
    Entire generations raised on our statements.
    Define innovation, cry to the heavens “it’s alive” our creations
    Electrify crowds till the townsfolk chasing.
    Lord all this time wasted is making me paint all these
    Amazingly vivid descriptions
    Rap science fiction, rhythmic elixers, pure Alchemystics

    2nd Chorus


    2nd Chorus

    We Can Overcome

    Chorus – Ras Jahn/Ian I
    when will it end? oh lord
    never gonna see us fall, never no
    love some more and
    we can overcome it all
    but when will it end? oh lord
    never gonna see us fall, no
    not in this time as we coming with the rhymes now

    1st Verse – Ian I
    I man know that in time
    we can come back to the light
    and all of their evilous thoughts
    will go down in a fire so bright
    and all their wars and illusions
    them division is system confusion
    so if you wanna live your life
    we can do it but some things will have to change now


    2nd verse – Force
    This is your moment take it most of your time is wasted
    on diamond rings, finer things and a gaudy bracelet
    or lord I gotta make it I was raised to praise
    so every day I fill a page with phrases every word I say is sacred
    and this world is glaciers in the race no one can save you
    face to face with the reality it’s human nature
    my whole crew’s equators hottest things around the globe
    impossible to stop us. Watch us as we rock a show.


    Bridge – Ras Jahn
    corruption so high, you can’t get over it
    corruption so low, you can’t get under it
    corruption so wide, can’t get around it
    corruption so deep, you’ll never get through it no